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Nowadays, the business market dynamic has forced organizations to manage a number of projects all at once. Within this context, a Project Manager plays a key role in designing and implementing efficient business strategies that optimize the available resources.

Project Managers also need to have highly developed personal skills and performance competencies. In response to this business demand, this course is designed to equip professionals with all the necessary tools and skills to address greater responsibilities and challenges with confidence.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers focuses on:

Risk Management

Task Management

Scope Management

Financial Management

Communication Management


Each of our courses approaches essential topics that will optimize your management skills and will encourage you to pursue your own new initiatives and personal projects.

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High level overview of what projects and programs are

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After successfully completing this program, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the key concepts, tools, and techniques of project management​

  • Interpret and apply a sample project management methodology to their projects and organization

  • Describe the project manager’s role in each of the competency areas

  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

  • Develop and explain the importance of the Statement of Work (SOW)​

  • Create a schedule and identify and manage the Critical Path​

  • Establish a budget and total cost baseline for measuring project performance​

  • Apply common tools and techniques to manage project communications, including negotiation, conflict management and resolution

  • Utilize techniques to identify and respond to project risks.


Time Commitment:
Just a few hours over a couple of weeks

Tuition Cost:
Price from $174.99 to $800,99

Classroom Time:
Approximately 10 hours with the fluff stripped out

Why should you train with us?

George Mangos

Director of Project Management / PMO

Host of this online education course

With our help, you can envision and create your career development strategy through a high-impact learning experience. This program will foster your critical and creative thinking, leading you to fill the gaps that match your business needs.


Let us explain why taking this course is a safe bet:

We have over 20 years of experience

Our CEO George Mangos, a highly qualified project manager and project management educator, will be the expert in charge of mentoring future project management leaders. George Mangos will train you in the compliant competences necessary to succeed in the current business market in record-time through an efficient and insightful methodology.

Direct and effective

Our course aims to help you develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals of project management through a variety of pedagogical approaches. You will be able to apply theoretical concepts to detailed and true-to-life business cases. We have ensured that this program covers up-to-date strategies that will help you move your business forward.

Keep Your Day Job

The concepts presented in this course will be immediately applicable to almost any new or ongoing project or initiative.  Focusing into elimination of the fluff and streamline the information to get the job done without distracting you from other duties.


Learning Objectives:

Our students will have access to a variety of techniques and methodologies that consolidate and close the Project Management gap in their own careers.

By the end of this program our students will be able to:

  • Apply the key concepts, tools, and techniques of Project Management.

  • Plan and monitor activities, resources and deadlines efficiently on Microsoft Project Tools.

  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Identify and manage the Critical Path.

  • Assess costs, establish budgets and total cost baseline to maximize project performance.

  • Apply correct communications techniques that translate into successful negotiation, conflict management and dispute resolution.


What our students are saying:

Cindi F, President

"Your manner is comfortable and relatable. I got it. You spoke in terms that are layman enough that can be interpreted by any level and incorporated into even the smallest of projects. It made sense."

Warren J, Back Office Supervisor

"George presented the Financial info in such a way that it helped me get in front of the forecast for the quarter so we can plan what to spend over the next several months.  The content was very easy to understand and digest.  Most importantly, very easy to put in practice."

Lisa M, Product Manager

"I loved the real world examples.  I got more out of this class than I did in a full week of a certification boot camp."


Payment methods

Content course


  • Overview

  • What is scope?

  • What are requirements?

  • Functional

  • Technical

  • Assumptions

  • Estimates (High Level)

  • Utilization

  • Cost

  • Schedule 

  • Resource Availability

  • Governance

  • Design/Develop/Testing and Test cases to manage scope

  • Signoff


  • Overloaded Task Management

  • Resources

  • Resource Planning

  • Resource Utilization

  • Contingency

  • Planning Example – Bathroom Remodel

  • Workplan

  • Milestones

  • Risk

  • Sign Off


  • Overview

  • What is Risk?

  • Definition

  • Determining Risk

  • Types of Risk

  • Weather

  • Personnel

  • Organizational Changes

  • Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

  • Scoring Risk

  • Risk Ownership

  • Issue Management

  • Scoring Issues

  • Issue Ownership


  • Overview

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Ways to Communicate

  • Status Reports

  • In Person

  • Dashboards

  • RACI (The good.  The bad.  The ugly)

  • Setting Expectations

  • Managing Expectations

  • Problem Notifications and Resolutions

  • Status Reports and Dashboards

  • Sample Metric Elements

  • Dashboard Examples

  • RAG (Red, Amber and Green)

  • Why RED is not a bad thing


  • Inaccurate Financial Management

  • Project Financials

  • Capex

  • Opex

  • Building a Budget

  • Flat vs Shaped Estimates

  • Estimate

  • Types of Estimates

  • Top Down

  • Bottom Up

  • Budget Risks

  • Plan vs Actuals

  • Project Cashflow Variables

  • Conclusion

Are you ready to become a Project Manager?

Addressed to:


This program is aimed at everyone NOT regularly involved in Project Management, such as executives, directors and accountants, lawyers, administrative support, unit managers, business unit leaders, facilitators, coordinators, interns, analysts and any team members with some level of new or existing management responsibilities. It will also apply to all professionals from different disciplines involved in advertising or consulting, and any other economy sector responsible for making decisions and responsible for executing: projects, costs, resources management and business strategies.

Available as individual lessons in just what you need, or as bundled courses, this exceptional education program is based on real-world experience, uses real-world examples, and is priced as low as $174.99 with bundled discounts of up to 25% off.


Improve project management skills efficiently, useful across the breadth and depth of the organization.



Prerequisites: none


Business is your passion. Solving problems and project management is ours. We are committed to help you achieve success on-site, remotely, and even virtually, with our Project Management for Non-Project Managers online course.

Project management skills are an invaluable asset in today’s business world, not just for keeping costs low but also for effectively completing multiple tasks within your initiatives on time and fulfilling your expectations.

BicycleCG approaches each project with the intention of getting things done correctly from the first time.

We exist to help your business succeed.



As a highly-experienced and adept consulting group, we efficiently assist our clients with internal project management, IT initiatives, and other business needs, including Project Management Training for Non-Project Managers.


We are experts on identifying process gaps and any fundamental business problems to developing proper solutions and viable alternatives. We are at your side to assist with making informed decisions to best move your business forward.


From spreadsheet and process improvement to executive reporting, database upgrades infrastructure upgrades, and system integration, BicycleCG has the skills to ensure you get the highest return on your project investment.


Although our methodology can be applied successfully across a wide range of industries, we are particularly experienced in Oil and Gas, Telecom, Retail, and Healthcare.

Bicycle CG approaches each project with the aim and expertise to get things done correctly the first time.

Still thinking?

Our online course Project Management for Non-Project Managers is wallet-friendly and specifically designed for people who need to acquire management and leadership skills quickly.


Do not miss out on this great opportunity to create and manage projects that make a difference.

PRICE FROM $174.99 TO $800.99

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